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Company name :

Registered company name : ITK
Non-registered names we may use : ITK Graphic Machinery
  ITK Grafische Machines
ITK stands for : Internationaal Ter Kuile

Office & Warehouse & Workshop Address

Name : ITK
Street : Herenweg 29E
Postcode / zipcode : 2105 MB
City : Heemstede
Country : The Netherlands

Contact & legal information :

Phone : +31235281076
Mobile phone Benjamin: +31655818746
E-mail : sales@itk-holland.com
Managing director: Jan Willem ter Kuile
Managing director : Benjamin ter Kuile
Manager + accountancy : Lilian ter Kuile
C.O.C. nr. : 34046556 Amsterdam
EORI number : NL810959240
Vat number : NL810959240B01

Social media & chat information:
Facebook : Yes
Instagram : Yes
Google & streetview : Yes
Whatsapp & Viber: +31655818746

Payment instructions for normal bank transfers (T/T)

Beneficiaries name & address: ITK
  Herenweg 29E
: 2105 MB Heemstede
  The Netherlands
Bank name & address: ING Bank NV
: Foreign Operations
  PO BOX 1800
  1000 BV Amsterdam
  The Netherlands
IBAN code : NL59INGB0657300543
Alternative SWIFT/BIC code INGBNL2AXXX

Payment by Letter of Credit (L/C)

Accepted : Yes
Charges on top of our invoice: €750,--
Additional L/C rules :  
- 49 with confirmation: YES
- 57A Advised through bank ING Bank NV
- 71B/ All bank charges are for applicants account
Bank name & address: ING Bank NV
: Foreign Operations
  PO BOX 1800
  1000 BV Amsterdam
  The Netherlands
IBAN / SWIFT code : NL59INGB0657300543
Alternative BIC code INGBNL2AXXX

Payment instructions for Paypal:

Accepted : Yes
Address : sales@itk-holland.com

Please add 5% to the invoice amount to cover the Paypal transaction costs
Kindly announce us upfront that you wish to pay per Paypal.

Payment instructions for Credit cards:

Accepted : Yes
How : by online payment platforms
Payment instructions : please consult us

Additional charges may apply.

Please consult us if you have received payment instructions other than any of the above. be aware of entity frauds, we are protected but not invinceble.
if you have any doubts or questions please contact us.

Storage solution:

After (down)payment/confirmed written order:
Each purchase includes 2 weeks free storage at ITK premises, or 2 weeks from the day of readiness, unless otherwise agreed.
If you need items to stay longer ITK offers a storage solution, please ask for the details



Brief history (how it started)

The company was founded in 1953 by Mr. J. Van Zomeren. It was named "Relatie" ( which is Dutch for relation ) .
Mr. J. Van Zomeren had a wide range of products and sold used machines to the catering industry including bakeries, restaurants and hotels.
One day in 1958 , he decided he would make billboards for his machines, he bought a small, used, printing machine to make them
With this machine he also made his own magazine (with his adds) which had a circulation of over 600 readers !
After some time he heard people request that they would also like to buy a used printing machine .
Then the printingmachines became a part of his business. After some years had past he got specialist in these machines and they became most important for the company.
Mr. J. Van Zomeren established himself as a well known pioneer with printing machine industry.
After his death in 1976 his son in law, Mr. Jan Willem ter Kuile, continued the company and gave it his own name " ITK = International Ter Kuile " .
With this name he wanted to express its international possibilities. Since he refounded the company he managed to expand his customer base by establishing International customers and selling abroad.
Times and technology have changed a great deal since then and now we move forwards using the internet to show the whole world the kind of machines we can offer.
We hope that this little story gives you an impression of our company

Old letters from 1970. Rotaprint and Multilith : we sold a lot of them these days.

What we do ?

We are specialised in used graphic machines. In fact all machines that belong in a printers house and other graphic related companies.

For example :
Offset printing machines
Paper cutting machines
Diecutting machines
Rotation offset
Stitching machines
Glueing machines
Paper drilling machines
Special purpose machines

Our equipment ?

With our specialized and carefully chosen equipment we can handle most machines up to 7 tons our selves in our storage.
Furthermore we are fully equiped with hydraulic jacks, trolleys up to 25 tons, five 3 tons pallets trucks both narrow+wide, both standard length and 2m.
All our export packings are as per ISPM15 and secure and machine worthy packing is our policy. For our local customers we also, of course, provide proper packing.



Customers from outside EU those who require a Visa?

Many clients buy machines from us without personal inspection. We thank these customers for their trust and faith. For some machines and for some customers it is required to see and inspect the machine before placing the order. We welcome any client to make inspections. For clients who require a Visa we are very happy to send an invitation. We have however have some rules regarding the Visa and invitation applications.

1 - we require full company details with full name, full address, copy of passport, registration number, tax number, C.O.C. number, and all info that are relevant.
2a - the customer will supply at least 1 (but better 2-3) reference addresses from a company in the EU they have done business with -or who invited the customer before.
2b - if the cusomer has never done business before in the EU we will ask the customer for a downpayment of 3 to 10 % depending on the order amount. This amount will be returned if the machine is not accepted by buyer. but must be with ground and if required a independend 3rd party will be involved for second opinion.

Rejection will apply when the client cannot fullfill 1 & 2.

Alternative route for the clients who require a inspection:
You can consider a third party to have the machines inspected. Your best option would be the brand dealer.In our mind a very good alternative and at the end cheaper.
Any signals that can be seen as fraud or scam, will be reported to the national and international services.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

ITK - Team